Leadership starts with a VISION! Apple, Google and Microsoft were companies founded by leaders with a vision. They built empires with their visionThe importance of a clear vision that inspires, challenges and motivates your employees cannot be understated. Your company's future depends on it. Without a clear vision your stakeholders will have no idea where your company is headed. If your vision is clear and your employees understand your purpose and direction they will be more motivated to perform. For tips on creating and implementing a company vision that will have your employees committed to your business' success download our complimentary Fundamentals to Creating and Implementing Your Company Vision. 

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Highly effective CEOS are: 

Visionary- They see an alternative future that is full of possibility.

Master communicators- They are capable of clearly articulating that future.

Excellent implementers- They are great at assembling a plan, a team, or an army to execute their vision.

Their message espouses a set of values that resonates deeply with those who follow. They have a clear purpose and belief system that they are confident of, and that attracts and engages those who want to be a part of that vision. Companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Zappos, Starbucks and Harley Davidson are more than extremely successful corporations, they are iconic symbols to their tribes. Leaders like Oprah have a mission and life's purpose that embodies their vision and are very effective at communicating it. That vision inspires people to action. 

As a leader, your, and your team's, success rests on those three leadership traits. It doesn't matter whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 50 Company, or a home based entrepreneur: success rests on a clearly communicated and effectively executed visionCompanies with strong leadership inspire their employees and customers to adopt their values and embrace their vision. Their employees and customers are confident and enthusiastic about where they are going. Conversely, companies with poor leadership are highly political, waste time and resources, have high employee turnover rates, and struggle to attract and retain customers. Eventually they will fail-no amount of talent or resources has, or will, ever be a substitute for a gap in leadership.

Is it time to take your leadership to the next level? ...then consider implementing the following success formula that is the foundation for all of apex CEO's coaching programs:

  1. List your top five core values. Your goals should be based on these values: goals are not actual outcomes, rather they are the feelings you will get once you have gotten a specific result that honors your values. Understanding what you truly value will help motivate you to accomplish your goals. If you aren't completely certain as to your core values then you can get immediate clarity by requesting our values self assessment here ascanio@apexceo.com. Our tool will not only help you gain insight into what's really important to you, but it will help you see exactly which areas you should start focusing on. (Note the immediate energetic shift in how you think and feel once you see how your core values align with those of your company's.) 
  2. State your life's purpose and the difference you want to make in the world. This is your mission, and stating it clearly will help you focus on your goal. What do you really want out of life, and what is the one problem you would like to eradicate from our planet? Why is it important to you? Is your company equally committed? List three gifts you have that can help you do this. 
  3. Establish your vision of the future. Take a moment to write out where you would like to see yourself and this world in one, five and ten years. Do those around you know your vision of the future? If not, list five people you can reach out to and inspire them with your vision. How can you really inspire them to embrace that vision?
  4. Create a S.M.A.R.T. Plan to execute your vision. Your goals should be:
  • Specific- Is it clear: eg. what, where, how much etc.,
  • Measurable- How will you know when you obtain it? 
  • Achievable- Enough to really stretch you given your current resources.
  • Relevant- Your goals must be tied to your values.
  • Timely- What you would like to accomplish over the next year, three years, ten years? You can break them down further into weekly or monthly goals.

List all the areas of your life: your business, personal development, intimate relationships, etc. Spell out exactly what you want to accomplish in those three time frames. What obstacles or challenges could get in your way? What steps can you take to ensure your success? Evaluate your plan often to stay inspired and on course and revise your goals when necessary.

Ultimately, the attitude and energy you bring to your organization and your life will determine your success. The success you have enjoyed so far was a result of your mindset, your engagement, your success. Raise your level of energy and you will be more engaged and successful in every area of your life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 12 segment program called the Energy Leadership Development System. You will start with a unique leadership assessment that shows your current attitude, in every area of your life. We will then examine your leadership ability by showing you which perspectives, thoughts and beliefs are holding you back from the success you want. Once we know where those blocks are we can then either work on those areas one at a time or systematically through the entire program to improve all areas of your leadership. This unique process is Energy Leadership.